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Since its inception, AZ-Tech Intl. Inc.® used its unique technical expertise to provide anti-terrorism analysis to numerous administrations within the federal government, the states and major defense contractors. We have performed thousands of vulnerability and risk assessments in over 32 countries. Our role as a data transformation laboratory has enabled us to provide patented mitigation solutions to help countless organizations improve their resiliency and ensure their survivability.




AZ-Tech Intl. Inc. leads the industry with innovative technologies consisting of training and linguistic, assessment technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, physical and CYBER threat and vulnerability analysis. We offer an unmatched engineering capability in Geomagnetic Destruction (GMD) and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) insults, helping organizations prepare, harden and mitigate these events. Our advance technology services are offered to industries and governments worldwide.

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Advanced Sciences

AZ-Tech Intl. Inc. is the inventor and holds patents on the following risk and mitigation technology:

  • Reliability, Survivability and Resiliency (RSR) technology to measure the readiness of critical assets in response to emergency impact on a facility
  • Cyber Analytic Threat Prevention
  • Data Transformation Laboratory (DTL)
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • CYBER SCADA Hardening

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